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Interested in shows, showing, grooming, handling, other AKC, UKC, or other national or international show events or just finding people who share your interests?
Want to join a FRIENDLY, non political show list?

Then apply to join our list  ShowCockers

The list is generally by invitation only, but if you are interested in joining, 
just sign up at the site.

Once you sign in, you will receive a letter from us asking for some information from you. We DO ask for 2 references. generally with over 450 show fanciers on the list, worldwide, you shouldn't have much of a problem.
We would like you to send a letter to us telling us about yourself and your interest in joining the list.

Once received and approved, we will admit you to the mailing list.

We also have a "dreaded survey" we ask all of our members to fill out and send to the list so we all get to know you.

The reason we are careful about who joins is that often other mailing lists often 
will have members who enjoy causing trouble or spamming the members.
We wish to make this a place to relax at and to enjoy the feeling of camaraderie.

In order to keep the list friendly, we restrict the list to people who are genuinely 
interested in joining and know how to behave like adults.. most of the time.:-)

The list is FREE and it is mostly UNCENSORED, so kick back and relax and post away.:-))

UPDATE: Times being what they are, we have also opened ShowCockers group on Facebook. The rules are about the same..Be nice!! We do ask those who apply to join the Facebbok group to answer the questions that are presented when they ask to join. You must know someone in the group in order to join if you are not known to the administrator or moderator.

ShowCockers on Facebook

Please NO personal Flaming!!!

Being a member of ShowCockers or any of it's off shoot lists, means that it's "use at your own risk, and members including you, hold the list owner and/or moderator(s) harmless. This list is provided strictly for entertainment purposes only and members hold the list moderator harmless for any and
all activities on the list by other members. Moderators are not responsible of the content of posts other than their own.
Yahoo terms of service prohibits threats and "stalking" people, which means that list members may not use Yahoo services to harrass others.

Users of ShowCockers agreement:
By being a member of the ShowCockers list, the member agrees to this list's TERMS when joining the list. This
The owners/moderators are running a free list
service and we may remove any member for any reason at any time without recourse if you join. As a member, you agree to this. 
Continued use of the ShowCockers list is an agreement of these terms, Unsubscribe if you do not agree with these terms.